Creative Direction


Creative Direction for BOMMA


Since 2017 Jakub and Václav act as Creative Directors for glass factory BOMMA. They are curating a new collection, searching for new collaborations, overseeing all creative outcomes and together with BOMMA team setting direction where to go.

“In modern architecture, lighting fixtures always served as the jewels, adding refinement and emotion to interiors. Their forms and luminosity bring out the essence of each space. At Bomma, we explore this deeper dimension through innovative approaches that move the standards of our craft, as well as our products a step beyond.

Bomma proudly builds on a traditional glassmaking craft, blending it with original in-house developed technologies. We strive for great design and modern simplicity, taking production to the very limits of glassmaking. Take a step beyond your expectations of contemporary glass design and craft.

Founded in 2012, Bomma continually brings the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new and dynamic levels. With centuries of glassmaking tradition in East Bohemia behind us, we are now advantaged by a rich pool of talent and top-level skills. Instead of simply maintaining these traditions, Bomma moves a step beyond and sets today’s highest standards of glassmaking.”


New Visual identity by Studio Najbrt